This section describes the basic rules for playing a game of Twilight Kingdoms. In here you'll learn how to navigate your character - when to roll dice, and how to interpret the results.
Each of the following sections are intended be read in order:
  1. Characters - each player of the game will have a character that they create and represents their actions in the story
  2. Attributes - every character is primarily defined by six core attribute: adventure, bravery, charm, magic, steel, and wits
  3. Checks - whenever a character attempts to do something that may not succeed, they make a check by rolling dice
  4. Encounters - gameplay is broken into encounters, discreet parts of the story after each of which player characters gain upgrades
  5. Damage - the world can be dangerous, and characters can be injured or even killed
  6. Conditions - characters can suffer from (or benefit from) various long-term conditions
  7. Scales - to help streamline the game, distances and sizes are rendered on an abstract scale
  8. Loot - when players find treasure, they must roll some dice to determine what they get