Typically loners for much of their life, the nihilistic ogar are found in the wild parts of the world, or at the least off the beaten path in the countryside. They may live in a collapsed spire ruin, under a bridge, or in a hollow in a giant tree. Ogar are the largest of the mortal species, standing a full head and half above even the imposing krakaw. Enormous creatures, they are slow-witted but friendly and gentle once they get to know you. Ogar tend to live long lives - they have a natural longevity, and their immense bulk protects them from the dangers of the world. They are not craftsman, typically scavenging and adapting what they find to their own use; however, ancient ogar art (mostly totems and crude paintings on furs) has become somewhat en vogue in the wealthier circles of kingdom life as of late.
Well EquippedWyldefolk Perk
Gain either 1 thread, 1 widget, or 1 basic melee weapon of your choice when creating a wyldefolk.
Narrow FocusOgar Perk
You can wear one piece of heavy armor without drawback. You must select Shadow of the Behemoth as one of your three tales.
Ogar • Species