There are six attributes common to all characters. Each attribute is used for specific things - each defines a set of actions or checks that they are commonly used for, and what effects those actions will have. Narrators may also request a check against an attribute for various situational reasons. Finally, actions found throughout the Tales section and Bestiary will also refer to the six attributes.
The actions presented under each attribute are often loosely defined; with a few exceptions (such as Attack), these are meant to broadly cover most situations. If a character wishes to do something that is not another explicit action, it is likely what they are trying to do can be assigned to one of the basic actions below.
A note regarding the seventh attribute, armor. Armor is not presented in the sections below, as it behaves a bit differently. Armor can never be used actively (there are no actions where it is used as the attribute for a check). It is only used defensively (where it is the opposition of a check). It has no other uses. Further, most characters have no natural armor (their attribute is a zero). Equipment they are using will artificially inflate this value, so long as the armor is equipped - when making a check that uses armor, be sure to have the most up-to-date value. (Many creatures in the Bestiary have natural armor, however.)
The six attributes are:
  • Adventure - for sneaking, looting, and quick reactions
  • Bravery - for attacking, defending, and dexterous acts
  • Charm - for socializing, tricking, and distracting
  • Magic - for casting spells, wielding wands, and fulfilling prophecies
  • Steel - for all manner of physical and mental resolve
  • Wits - for knowledge, street smarts, and working with devices
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