As characters go about their adventures, they will gather new and interesting equipment - crowns and commons, weapons and armor, useful tools and advanced devices. Characters should record any equipment they have, and remove that equipment if it is lost, spent, or given away. The narrator will present various ways that a character might find equipment. It may be part of the story (a king presents a special gift to the character), it may be available in a shop or at a traveling merchant, or it may be found via the Loot action.
Various equipment are presented below.
  • Armor - Armor and shields can be worn to help resist against various attacks.
  • Crowns - Crowns and commons are the currency used throughout the kingdoms.
  • Ingredients - Faecorns, widgets, and threads can all be used in crafting and for various other actions.
  • Potions - Potions can be consumed to gain powerful but temporary effects.
  • Tarr'ko - Tarr'ko cards can be destroyed to release their reality altering powers.
  • Tools - Tools, goods, and services can be used or hired to help accomplish tasks.
  • Weapons - Various weapons can be used to attack foes.


In addition to the above, devices can also be acquired and used by all manner of characters. Devices are rare items of either spiretech, invention, or magic design. These mechanisms provide unique effects to those that control them. Operating requires understanding their core functions. These items are exceptionally rare; finding one for sale will only happen in the largest of cities, and only either in the most upscale boutique areas, or as part of a back-alley deal doubtless part of some illegal behavior. In either case, expect devices to demand hundreds or thousands of crowns in value.
Devices may count as weapons or armor; they may be items that must be wielded to be used, or they may be trinkets or baubles that are simply worn, or operated to activate. Full details of devices can be found in Devices.