All player characters, and many NPCs will be a member of one of the mortal species presented below. These species represent the civilized peoples of the world. Those that congregate together for a unified purpose, even if it is at odds with others; in this way, they are separated from the entries in the Bestiary.
There are four broad species (Human, Faunus, Fae, and Wyldefolk), each of which has several subspecies. Any character (player or non-player) that is a member of a species will have its six attributes, movement, and breakpoint defined by that species. In addition, both perks (species and sub-species specific bonuses) are available to all members of that species.
  • Human - humans, the most plentiful of the mortal species
    • Kingmaker - native humans of Xan'rius, the overwhelming species representing the monarchies of the land
    • Sh'thani - native humans of Sh'than, descendants of the rulers during the Age of Spires
  • Faunus - animal-like bipedal species bread by the Sh'thani during the Age of Spires
    • Fela - cat-like species bread for an unknown purpose
    • Froggling - frog-like species known for their studious nature and unusual family dynamics
    • Muris - mouse-like species known to be hard-working and friendly
    • Ratta - rat-like species with a dark sense of humor
    • Sciura - squirrel-like species known for being shrewd merchants and businessfolk
  • Fae - mortal descendants of the once three great houses of Fae'rela
    • Chaxxi - loners with a reputation for "evil" deeds, and a disturbing physical appearance
    • Fizus - fox-like fae known as great politicians and strategists
    • Sprit - small winged fae folk often known to engage in pranks
  • Wyldefolk - the non-human natives of Xan'rius
    • Bobbin - industrius and creative individuals who come from mobile cities
    • Krakaw - an ancient crow-like species of mystics and fortunetellers
    • Ogar - the largest and most nihilistic of the mortal species