Player characters are defined by their tales - each tale provides a thematic set of actions and upgrades to the player that they would otherwise not have access to. As players explore their tales, they unlock synergies and capabilities that set them apart from the average person, making them unique and heroic.
All player characters begin the game with one tale of their choice. At any time they could spend story points (outside of an encounter, or during character creation), they may select up to two more. Choice of tales is permanent, and no character can ever have more than three.
All tales provide seven talents:
  • A signature; this is often an action, but may be a passive upgrade. This ability sets the tone for the tale, giving the player a good idea of what the tale is all about. Many of the other talents in the tale will either directly interact with this ability (mechanically), will be synergistic with it, or will at least thematically be associated with it. Characters do not automatically gain access to the signature ability when choosing the tale, but must pay to unlock it with story points (signature talents costs 5SP to unlock).
  • Two tier 1 talents; each tier 1 talent represents a minor upgrade to the signature ability, a unique action that interacts with the signature ability, or a small and related passive ugprade. Characters must pay to unlock these talents - they can only do so after unlocking the signature ability in the same tale (tier 1 talents cost 5SP to unlock).
  • Two tier 2 talents; much like tier 1 talents, but typically with a higher power level or increasing flexibility. Characters can pay to unlock these abilities only after unlocking at least one tier 1 talent in the same tale (tier 2 talents cost 10SP to unlock).
  • Two tier 3 talents; these talents are extremely powerful, and represent great upgrades to the character. Characters can pay to unlock these abilities only after unlocking at least one tier 2 talent in the same tale (tier 3 talents cost 30SP to unlock).
In addition, each tale has a mastery track; this track goes from 1 to 10, each stage needing to be unlocked before the next (players start with no mastery in any given tale). A character cannot unlock any mastery until they have unlocked at least one tier 3 talent, at which point they may start unlocking mastery in ascending order. Each point of mastery costs 10SP more than the last, starting at 10SP for rank 1 (therefore, rank 10 mastery costs 100SP). The cost of each point of mastery is reduced by the character's Wits attribute (unmodified); this cannot reduce the cost of any mastery point below 1.
Each mastery track is independent to its tale - they are not shared. Mastery may be used in one of two ways in the tale - either the talents (including the signature talent) may refer to mastery as a value, or the mastery track will have an additional effect associated with it that is enabled once any mastery is unlocked. For example, a talent may say "do d6 + mastery damage", meaning the effect scales as the character's mastery in that tale increases; alternatively, a tale might have a special "Mastery" talent associated with the track that is unlocked as soon as any mastery in that tale is purchased.
Finally, each tale can unlock one innate tarr’ko card. Characters can pay to unlock the tarr’ko card after at least one tier 3 talent has been unlocked in the tale. The cost to unlock the tarr’ko card is 20SP; once unlocked, the character has access to that card when taking the Read the Tarr’ko action, as if they had a physical copy of the card. (Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone but the character to whom they belong.)
Each tale belongs to one of six categories; these categories loosely suggest the effects the talents and signature ability will provide, or what broad use the tale has. The six categories are:
  • Combat - these tales focus on improving a character's prowess in combat (both offensively, and defensively).
  • Crafting - these tales allow the character to create or modify items and equipment, including devices.
  • Devotion - these tales relate to a single one of the pagan gods, each providing a focused set of talents related to that god's domain.
  • Enchantment - these tales focus on charms and curses and other long-term magical effects and conditions.
  • Quest - these tales provide the widest range of function and utility, with a slight emphasis on themes like nature, exploration, investigation, and knowledge, and may involve modification of dice rolls, movement, and more.
  • Story - these tales are all about life and character interactions.
The next sections define each of the tales available to the player characters.
  • Adventurer - (quest) Head out on an adventure, never knowing where the next fork in the road will take you.
  • Alchemist - (crafting) Brew powerful potions for yourself and your allies.
  • Artisan - (story) You are a master craftsman, able to make the finest goods in the land.
  • Avatar of Fae'la - (devotion) Embrace the power of the exiled queen of dragons.
  • Burglord - (combat) Become a powerful fighter, using overwhelming might as your path to victory.
  • Chosen of Bathemos - (devotion) A cultist of the god of chaos and hedonism.
  • Dawnbringer - (enchantment) Augment and assist your allies in dangerous situations.
  • Disciple of Artemix - (devotion) You run free with the wild huntress.
  • Emissary of Athya - (devotion) Deal with the mistress of fate herself, changing yours forever.
  • Entropist - (enchantment) A master of ice magic, using it for both offense and defense.
  • Follower of Iluna - (devotion) Free your inhibitions and flow with the rhythm of Iluna's revel.
  • Galvanist - (crafting) A scientist and surgeon operating on the edges of morality.
  • Illusionist - (quest) A devious trickster who conjures false images to confuse foes.
  • Knight of the Kingdom - (combat) A defender of the downtrodden with a stylish heraldry to boot.
  • Knight of the Rose - (combat) Knights of the Rose fuse with the power of blood and thorn.
  • Machinist - (crafting) Construct unique machines from widgets.
  • Master at Arms - (combat) An unparalleled master in the use of melee weapons.
  • Menagerist - (quest) Summon a menagerie of woodland animals to work, spy, message, and fight for you.
  • Minstrel - (story) Compose songs and ballads of great deeds.
  • Plague Doctor - (combat) A master of poisons, dealing death through disease and plague.
  • Puppetmaker - (crafting) Construct simulacra of your allies and enemies, affecting them from afar.
  • Rapscallion - (story) Great swagger, great deeds, and great luck, make for the biggest of personalities.
  • Researcher - (quest) Observe the patterns of the cosmos, and reveal the truth behind all things.
  • Reveler - (enchantment) The flow of the revel empowers you and your allies.
  • Rider of Norami - (devotion) You follow one of the most ancient of pagan gods, Norami, the steed of legend.
  • Scoundrel - (quest) Take every opportunity to line your own pockets.
  • Shadow of the Behemoth - (devotion) Devote to Behemoth, the ender of all things.
  • Shaman - (enchantment) Glimpse into the future, and use this knowledge to aid the present.
  • Siren - (enchantment) Manifest a lantern that can affect all within its eerie light.
  • Social Butterfly - (story) Connect with characters, then use their energy to emerge from your cocoon.
  • Spiretechnician - (crafting) The best hand for working with spiretech in this age.
  • Standard Bearer - (combat) Rally your allies around you to share buffs in the heat of battle.
  • Strategist - (combat) A master tactician and experienced honor guard.
  • Swashbuckler - (combat) A fast moving and agile combatant.
  • Thrall of the Princes - (devotion) Manipulate the fear in others to your own ends.
  • Vassal of the Faerie King - (devotion) Bow to his eminence, the faerie king, and receive his bounty of gifts.
  • Wandmeister - (crafting) Fabricate and modify magical wands.
  • Weaver - (crafting) Weave tarr'ko cards, and use them to great effect.
  • Witch - (enchantment) Cast and manipulate powerful curses against your foes.
  • Worker - (story) A hearty worker of the land, ready to adapt to all of life's challenges.